Eudorex, born in 2000, is one of the few companies in Italy active on four different markets:

  • House cleaning
  • Professional cleaning
  • Personal care
  • Animal care

Thanks to this peculiarity, it has developed a wide know-how that ranges in different production technologies and in different types of raw materials that very often – synergically – confer important competitive advantages in the single markets.

It is no coincidence that he is the undisputed leader in the professional sector in the microfibre category.

Our company is based in Acerra in the ASI area where it occupies an industrial warehouse of about 4000 covered square meters (total 8,000 square meters). The Acerra site houses the offices, the production and the raw materials warehouse.

The finished products warehouse and logistics are posted at the Southern Italy freight terminal.

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All areas of cleaning

Professional cleaning, House cleaning, Personal care, Animal care: the Eudorex group has been an expression of hygiene in all its facets for years, thanks to the brands Eudorex Pro, Eudorex Cleaning, Pannopell, Soffice, Gabers e Loveli.
A world of clean!

Certified innovation

Progress and innovation to contribute to a more attentive world: right from the beginning of our history we have focused on research and cutting-edge systems to improve processes and products. The result? Numerous international certifications that attest to the success of a conscious path.

Attention to the environment

Products with reduced environmental impact, use of polyactive fibers to minimize the use of chemicals and careful control of climate-altering gas emissions are just some of the precautions we use for the sake of nature.

The energy of the sun

Our factory in Acerra (Naples) is entirely powered by a 242 polycrystalline photovoltaic system: a conscious choice!

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Our history

2000 – Founded as a diversification project for a historic family company specialized in the production of natural leather for car cleaning. A very narrow line of synthetic cloths and then microfibres for domestic cleaning is born. The production was carried out in a small warehouse in Arzano in the province of Naples. Pannopell was the identification mark of the products, a historic brand born in 1957, taken over by a Swiss company and then purchased. The Pannopell brand in many Italian regions is synonymous with product.

2003- The Professional division (Eudorex pro) is born, as well as the opportunity to enter and develop sales in another market, the Professional line is strategic in order to increase know-how and create synergies with the consumer line. The needs of the professional world are not very far from the domestic ones, so professional cleaning systems and tools, with the necessary modifications, bring quality and innovation to the domestic market.

2004 – Acquires Nuova Gaber’s, a historic company founded in 1948 with headquarters in Cremona. The objective is to gain market share in complementary market sectors and to integrate the sales network by expanding the territorial coverage. Today the Gaber’s brand is successfully dedicated to a line of products distributed exclusively in healthcare and parapharmacies.

2007 – Introduces on the Italian market the FIBERS POLIATTIVE®, the only real innovation in the market of cloths for professional and domestic use.
Polyurethane coagulation technology is applied to microfibre fabrics, enhancing the already high performance of microfibre and filling some technical gaps.

2007 Launches into the professional market the concept of differentiation by type of surface, normally used only in the detergent market. Furthermore, following the guidelines of the European Community which establishes the guidelines for “green” purchases (GPP), Eudorex has introduced products with documented and certified performances aimed at reducing the environmental impact.
This strategy, supported by investments in communication and high product quality, has led Eudorex Pro to be considered the reference point for Microfibers in the Italian market.

2014 – After 2 years of research he realizes 2 international patents for the production of an abrasive sponge for cleaning surfaces. The “abrasive” part of the sponge called Reteative guarantees the integrity of even the most delicate surfaces (stainless steel and Teflon).
Special granules inside the foam facilitate the removal of adherent dirt. The special fiber and the lamination system guarantee a long life and the possibility of sanitizing it at over 90°. The materials used make it the only sponge in the world to have obtained the very important “Food contact” certification in the Horeca sector.

2015 – It acquires Vela distribuzione, a company that has been producing cotton buds for over 20 years and sold make-up removal pads and wet wipes, distributing under its own brand Soffice.

2016 Begins the production of the Soft Wipes: Eudorex now is a company with all the papers in order to conquer in this product category, a prominent place in the Italian market.



  • 12.000 sq.m.
  • 2.000 sq.m. – production
  • 5.000 sq.m. – logistics area
  • 300sq.m. – offices
  • 35 employees
  • 10,5 million – revenue
  • 30 million units sold per year
  • 3 product lines
  • 280 products
  • 38 agents
  • 4 international patents



  • Iso 9001
  • AUDITSER – Social , Ethical Audit
  • AUDITGSV – Global Security Verification
  • AUDITQMS – Quality Management System


  • Iso 14021
  • CE
  • PMC (two in health care products)
  • GPP (green public procurement)
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